The Round Mound of Rebound

Sir Charles patrolled the hardwood for 13 seasons, and did so in rather stunning fashion.  Painfully undersized for the power forward position, Barkley used his rather healthy and often critisized 6’4 frame to impose his will on opponents across the league.  An astonishing NBA career in which he garnered 11 NBA All Star appearances, two separate MVP awards, a coveted spot on the 1992 Dream Team, and even a place in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, was and still is often overshadowed by his failure to obtain the illusive NBA Championship.      Often ridiculed for his spirited banter and outlandish comments, often done without much thought or consideration of others, Sir Charles quickly became a media and crowd favorite.  It was often said the putting him in front of a Mike was equivalent to aiding a social suicide.  Nike Deals, shaving creme endorsements, and ironically speaking engagements quickly ensued as Sir Charles quickly solidified himself as basketball royalty.  But remember, he’s no role model.


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