“Sicker Than Your Average”. .. The Routine Physical That Changed The League, ended showtime, and stopped weapon sales. ..

Aside from the rather insensitive title, this post actually touches on a rather serious issue.  An issue that transcended both sports and culture as well as raising awareness and concern in a time when many were in the dark.  November 7, 1991, almost 21 years ago, marked the untimely death of LA’s Showtime Era while also prematurely giving birth to a new era of awareness.  Sunday, ESPN aired a riveting account of Ervin Magic Johnson’s announcement to the world of his contraction of the then little known HIV virus.  Highlighted by a world wide press conference, this shocking announcement, spawned from a routine physical sent shockwaves through the basketball world.  A career that saw achievements ranging from a national championship in college, nine NBA finals appearances, twelve all-star games, ten all NBA first and second team nominations, an Olympic Gold Medal, five NBA championships, a selection to the NBA’s 50 greatest players, and most importantly, the birth of LA’s Showtime Era, was prematurely cut short due to these unfortunate circumstances. Ervin “Magic” Johnson possessed a unique blend of size, skill, and unmatched court vision never before seen on an NBA floor.  But these physical assets were only a close second to his off court demeanor and million dollar personality.  Magic delivered much more than measurable statistics to the game, he also delivered a swagger and exuberance never before seen, but often imitated throughout the years.  One the first professionals to garner a professional sneaker deal (Converse Weapon) as well as a host of other endorsements, Magic served as one of the pioneers of modern day professional basketball with his contributions both on and off the basketball court.


Magic during the legendary press conference. ..


A young Magic displaying his award winning million dollar smile after winning the Championship in 88. ..


The iconic All Star Weapon campaign the divided a nation in two. .. It was either Bean or Tinsel Town; no ifs, &’s, or buts about it. ..


A glimpse at Showtime!


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