A Penny For Your Thoughts. ..

Anfernee Deon “Penny” Hardaway burst onto the basketball scene as a slender, 6’7, 22 year old point god.  What many were dawning as magic reincarnated, Penny reintroduced the world to the once forgotten, yet always sought after unconventional tall guard.  Possessing outrageous court vision and a healthy appetite for flare, Penny quickly saw himself become not only a league wide crowd favorite, but also one of the most efficient emerging stars in the game.  After being selected 3rd overall in the 1993 NBA Draft by the Golden State Warriors, a draft day trade sent him to Orlando and paired him with the already dominant Shaquile Oneal.  Although a championship was never achieved (playing in the Jordan era will do that to ya’), this duo surely set the league on fire for many years to come, or at least until Shaq would eventually opt to jump ship in search of greener pastures in Los Angeles.  After an All Rookie First Team selection and runner up finish in the rookie of the year voting, it was as clear as day, Penny Hardaway was destined for superstardom.  Just as Magic before him, once on court success was solidified, the multimillion dollar endorsements soon followed. Although a career as decorated as his Laker predecessor was never met due to nagging knee injuries (One of the first to face the dreaded micro fracture surgery), Penny was still one of the best and most influential players of the century.  A career that brought us  four all-star appearances, two al NBA first team selections, 10,684 points (15.2 ppg), 3,525 assists (5.0 apg), 1,125 steals (1.6 spy), our beloved “Lil Penny”, countless Tyra Banks Cameos, and one of the sickest signature lines in NIke basketball history, what’s not to like and respect about the kid nicknamed Penny from Memphis, Tennessee.


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