Perfect Cents. ..

Check out some vintage penny footage. ..The kid could do it all. ..

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The Birth of “Magic”. ..

Ervin Johnson recalls the moment he became known as “Magic”.  If I was ever privileged enough to witness A 15 year old capable of dropping triple doubles, I’m almost certain I’d probably call him the exact same thing.  I, for one, can’t think of a better alias for the guy.  If only that reporter would’ve been smart enough to copy right the phrase.

Choose Your Weapon Wisely. ..

In a campaign that divided the basketball world in two, Magic Johnson found himself at the center of one of the best rivalries the sports nation had ever seen. An 86 Magic, equipped with his million dollar smile and larger than life personality, once again clashed with his arch nemesis Larry Bird. Only this time, million dollar hardwood floors were replaced with French Lick, Indiana gravel and Converse allowed these two megastars one more “weapon” at their disposal. Who’s side are you on?

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